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ASA PPTP FIXUP and ISA 2004/2006


The following problem is driving me crazy for the past three days.

Example (not actual data)

We have an internal network with a default gateway (ISA 2004 or ISA 2006 both don't work)

The ISA has a connection to a LAN of and gateway to ASA. The ISA is routing from 192.168.0.x to 10.0.0.x firewall is allowing al traffic and explicit PPTP

When we PPTP from a client on the to a PPTP server on 10.0.0.x subnet everything works ok

When we try to PPTP from the 10.0.0.x subnet trough the ASA to somewhere on the Internet everything works ok (6 different sessions so fix up is working)

Now the problem starts.

When we want to PPTP from --> somewhere on the Internet I got an immediate message 691 port disconnected.

Please help!

Kind Regards,

John Bruijntjes

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