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ASA QoS BW guaranteed

Hello, I have a DSL line with 3MB symmetrical upload and download. How can I guarantee 600 Kbps for a video stream that we emit? At the same time, I want this 600 Kbps available to the other traffic, when no broadcast video. Is it possible?

What is the difference between making shaping and do nothing? I say this because at the same time the line makes a kind of physical shaping in its own limit, isn't it? or is better always shape at the line limit?

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Re: ASA QoS BW guaranteed

Not sure Traffic shaping is supported on the ASA. Traffic shaping must be applied to all outgoing traffic on a physical interface or in the case of the ASA 5505, on a VLAN. You cannot configure traffic shaping for specific types of traffic.

standard priority queueing should work. one for priority traffic, and the other for all other traffic. For the other traffic, you can optionally configure policing.

see this

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Re: ASA QoS BW guaranteed

As francisco_1 noted, the ASA can only do priority queuing which means if the video traffic will get the highest priority when transmitting.  The 600k will be available to other apps when video is not in use.  Priority queuing is usually reserved for voice traffic but if you don't use a hosted voice provider, shouldn't be an issue.

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