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ASA secure copy (scp) from unix not working ?

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to scp a file from a unix/linux device to an ASA 5505. The connection is authenticated on the 5505 but the copy fails as it keeps reporting an "SCP send error" (see below). SCP is new to me as I normally use sftp, but thats not supported on the ASA's. Same problem happens if I use either ssh ver 1 or 2

Unix command I'm using is:

scp /filename userid@ASA_ip_address:/

ssh debug from asa:

ssh2 1: authentication successful for userid

ssh2 1: channel open request

ssh2 1: env request

ssh2 1: exec request

ssh2 1: starting SCP session

ssh: scp : scp send error

ssh: scp : ssh_scp_end


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ASA secure copy (scp) from unix not working ?

I had this same problem with trying to upload images to version 9.1 devices.

Turned out I had to set the privilege level on the user to fix the issue.

username password privilege 15

frustrating when debug gives very little information on the problem

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THANK YOU!  I've been trying

THANK YOU!  I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. 

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If you'd had said that to me

If you'd had said that to me to my face I would have said...yeah right tell that to the marines,  but you were right.  who would have thought buffer accept error messages on scp client resulted in an incorrect priv level on ASA.  Nice one paulowenkirk.  Thanks

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