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ASA SM and 6513-E VSS


I'm integrating 2 ASA SM running under ASA OS 9.1.2 - Active/standby/multiple contexts on a 6513-E - VSS multiple layer core switch.

Failover and LAN Failover have been archieve via 2 direct connexions between the 2 chassis 6513-E (2 differents vlan).

In this configuration, when I cut the power on the active ASA SM thanks to the command no power enable switch 1 slot 13, stateful failover seems not to work (the witness FTP session was down for ever)...

Your advices and experience are wellcome !!!

Thanks a lot


VSS configuration

firewall autostate

firewall switch 1 module 13 vlan-group 11,12,13

firewall switch 2 module 13 vlan-group 11,12,13

firewall vlan-group 11  301,302  ! (failover vlan and lan failover vlan)

firewall vlan-group 12  12,210,310-314


ASA SM configuration


failover lan unit primary

failover lan interface FOLINK Vlan301

failover polltime unit 5 holdtime 15

failover key *****

failover link STATE_FOLINK Vlan302

failover interface ip FOLINK standby

failover interface ip STATE_FOLINK standby

failover group 1

  replication http

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