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ASA-SM flash storage options

I've been trying to figure out which flash storage systems the ASA-SM can use for image and configuration management purposes. Of course I've checked the config guide (current is v8.5), the data sheet and the Q&A, yet it doesn't clearly answer specific qestions, like:

  • The documentation speaks about disk0: and disk1:...What are the internal and external flash stores?
  • How large is the internal flash store?
  • Where's the external flash store located at? According to the pictures, there's no external flash module bay on the ASA-SM itself...right?
  • Can one of the multiple addressable Cat6500 flash file systems be used as an external flash?
  • In case it's OK to use a Cat6500 file system as a shared flash (imagine using multiple ASA-SMs), which one will be addressed by default? Is there a default at all, is it configurable?

Thanks for any clarification


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