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ASA SubInterfaces Problem

hi..i have asa5540 i have to create sub-interfaces on my asa but my asa is directly connected to switch now tell me how sub-interfaces of asa and switch port will connected.

Let me expalin if i divide one interface of asa in 2 sub-interfaces with 2 vlans.and there is only one link connect to that interface from switch port to asa port now how both vlan data transfered between the switch and asa. there is any command to configure taht or any other method to do that.


Re: ASA SubInterfaces Problem

configure the asa subinterfaces, just be sure to use the 'vlan vlan_number' command under each subinterface that you configure.

On the switchside, try the following commands:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

don't forget you still need to create the vlans on the switch also. you can configure each subinterface on the ASA as you would a normal interface, the only difference being the 'vlan vlan_number' command.

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Re: ASA SubInterfaces Problem

ok thanx!!!!

but if i will create new context then same procedure use for the sub-interfaces and also on switchside.

And if my all physical inerface are live and now i want to create sub-interface what procedure i have to do can i directly create sub-interface and will provide ip with sam eprocedure on asa and switch.

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