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ASA syslog problem


My customer have a ASA 5550 in HA. It is the Internet Firewall.

In this moment the firewall have 50.000 connection. Customer review the log in the syslog server and noted wich not all syslog messages the firewall are notify to the syslog server.

The configuration is the follow:

logging enable

logging timestamp

logging standby

logging buffered debugging

logging trap debugging

logging asdm debugging

logging mail warnings

logging from-address

logging recipient-address level errors

logging facility 22

logging host management

All rules have the log keyword and debugging level.

I think, the firewall can't send the all messages because is busy with the conection. Someone have been this problem.

Thank you

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Re: ASA syslog problem


For troubleshooting these few messages should be sufficient :for syslog U can remove buffered and trap debugging .

mail notifications stays as it is

logging host inside

logging timestamp

logging trap 5

logging on


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Re: ASA syslog problem


Thank you for you comment. But the proble is the login messages not reflect all activities and conections through the firewall.


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Re: ASA syslog problem

pager lines 24

logging enable

logging standby

logging buffer-size 1000000

logging monitor debugging

logging buffered debugging

logging trap debugging

logging asdm errors

logging host inside

logging host inside format emblem

logging class config asdm emergencies

logging class ids asdm debugging

no logging message 106015

no logging message 106006

no logging message 106001

no logging message 106023

no logging message 305012

no logging message 305011

no logging message 710005

no logging message 106100

no logging message 100000

no logging message 302014

no logging message 304002

no logging message 304001

no logging message 609002

no logging message 609001

no logging message 302016

no logging message 302021

no logging message 302020

logging message 106023 level informational

logging message 305012 level debugging

logging message 302015 level debugging

logging message 302014 level debugging

logging message 302013 level debugging

logging message 304001 level informational

logging message 302016 level debugging

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Re: ASA syslog problem

Thank you for you answer, i help me.

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