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New Member

asa upgrade 7.2(4) to 9.0.3

I have older standalone 5505 which has upgraded memory to 512mb. I'd like to upgrade to newer version. Looks like 9.0.3 works, but I believe I need to go 8.0->8.2->8.3->9.0 for an this true ? 

Any thoughts or comments either way on this upgrade would be appreciated...

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Cisco Employee

You should be fine making

You should be fine making these jumps:


7.2.4 -> 8.2.1 -> 8.4.6 -> 9.0.3







New Member

Thanks I will give that a try

Thanks I will give that a try in the next day or so.

New Member

Hmm, no luck. The ASA hangs

Hmm, no luck. The ASA hangs after I reload. Get to the NICs section, then just sits there with all the lights flashing.


Here is the log I captured...

BOOT variable = disk0:/asa822-k8.bin

Current BOOT variable = disk0:/asa822-k8.bin

CONFIG_FILE variable = 

Current CONFIG_FILE variable = 

wall# reload

Proceed with reload? [confirm] 





Shutting down isakmp

Shutting down webvpn

Shutting down File system



*** --- SHUTDOWN NOW ---






Embedded BIOS Version 1.0(12)11 04/30/08 15:45:41.19

Low Memory: 632 KB

High Memory: 507 MB

PCI Device Table.

Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class              Irq

 00  01  00   1022   2080  Host Bridge        

 00  01  02   1022   2082  Chipset En/Decrypt 11

 00  0C  00   1148   4320  Ethernet           11

 00  0D  00   177D   0003  Network En/Decrypt 10

 00  0F  00   1022   2090  ISA Bridge         

 00  0F  02   1022   2092  IDE Controller     

 00  0F  03   1022   2093  Audio              10

 00  0F  04   1022   2094  Serial Bus         9

 00  0F  05   1022   2095  Serial Bus         9

Evaluating BIOS Options ...

Launch BIOS Extension to setup ROMMON

Cisco Systems ROMMON Version (1.0(12)11) #4: Thu May  1 14:50:05 PDT 2008

Platform ASA5505

Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot.

Use SPACE to begin boot immediately.

Boot in 10 seconds.           9 seconds.          8 seconds.          7 seconds.          6 seconds.          5 seconds.          4 seconds.          3 seconds.          2 seconds.          1 seconds.

Launching BootLoader...
Boot configuration file contains 1 entry.

Loading disk0:/asa822-k8.bin... Booting...
Platform ASA5505
€dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN
Starting check/repair pass.
Reclaimed 34 unused clusters (139264 bytes) in 2 chains.
Starting verification pass.
Performing changes.
/dev/hda1: 60 files, 21502/31033 clusters
dosfsck(/dev/hda1) returned 1
Set 'tap0' persistent and owned by uid 0
IO memory 39583744 bytes

Processor memory 386039808, Reserved memory: 62914560 (DSOs: 0 + kernel: 62914560)

Total SSMs found: 0

Total NICs found: 10
88E6095 rev 2 Gigabit Ethernet @ index 09 MAC: 0000.0003.0002
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 08 MAC: 0024.1495.2e04
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 07 MAC: 0024.1495.2e03
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 06 MAC: 0024.1495.2e02
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 05 MAC: 0024.1495.2e01
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 04 MAC: 0024.1495.2e00
88E6095 rev 2 Ethernet @ index 03 MAC: 0024.1495.2dffÍ

Cisco Employee

Hey Gclanders, You can try

Hey Gclanders,


You can try also going to the latest of each release: 8.2.5 and then 8.4.7. Hopefully this will bypass the booting process.

Take also into account that the ASA might appear as stuck when booting. Also flashing lights are usually RAM issues. Double check the RAM is not faulty, maybe using another RAM.

New Member

Thanks for the reply. I left

Thanks for the reply. I left the ASA 'hung' through the night, so it was definitely not still booting. RAM is interesting, is there anyway to test this ? I don't have other RAM to swap. If I recall the first 256MB is fixed, so I don't think I can swap the order of the modules...

Cisco Employee

My friend, you can test it by

My friend, you can test it by removing the RAM and doing the first jump with the limited ram. Is not recommended to pass traffic though. If you can upgrade the code without the card is definitely the card.