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ASA5505 as transparent firewall question--urgent!

I've got a 5505 for use as a transparent firewall. As I understand it, I can only have an inside and outside interface. I have 4 servers to protect, 2 of them share the same ip range as the the subnet they will be plugging into, however there are 2 other servers on a different VLAN that also need to be firewalled. They shared a different ip range. How do I set this up. Just to clarify, currently 4 servers plug into a switch that has VLANs. 2 servers are on one VLAN, the other 2 on another. This same switch has another interface and VLAN that goes out to the internet. The idea is to leave the switch as is, and connect the "outside" interface of the ASA to a port on the same VLAN as the outside interface. Not sure where to plug the "inside" interface of the ASA? How do I make this work in transparent mode?


Re: ASA5505 as transparent firewall question--urgent!


You would have to connect the Outside interface to your internet connection and your inside interface to where your old connection was. If you had a drawing this would make it a bit easier to understand. The who point here is to make the traffic flow through your asa like a switch or bridge.

Re: ASA5505 as transparent firewall question--urgent!

Here is an example with the premise That the Switch is a Layer 3 switch that routes for A & B Vlans

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