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ASA5505 Licences - Security Plus licence and SSL licence


A bit confused by the licencing of the ASA5505 (ASA5000 series) products.

There are 2 parts to my question. The first is where I need to get the best ordering option for a new ASA5505, where as the second is to

understand what I need to order for an existing ASA5505.

Q1. I am looking at a new ASA5505 to support up to 25 SSL connections, so I am assuming that I need to purchase ASA5505-SSL25-K9

which gives me the hardware and the licence for the 25 SSL VPN connections.

However, I need DMZ support and support for more than 3 Vlans.

Does this product code support this or do I need to order the Security Plus licence on top?

What is the licence product code? I have seen the product code, ASA5505-SEC-PL, which I understand gives this support.

I suppose I need to ask the question but I assume that this is possible.

So do I order ASA5505-SSL25-K9 + ASA5505-SEC-PL?

Q2. I already have a firewall purchased under part number ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9. Do I order ASA5500-SSL-25 to add the 25 SSL VPN licence

to the existing product.

Or maybe for the new ASA5505, I order the same as in Q2. (i.e. ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9 + ASA5500-SSL-25).

Not sure of the benefits of either option.

Thanks in advance.


Re: ASA5505 Licences - Security Plus licence and SSL licence

1. You are correct, you need ASA5505-SSL25-K9 and ASA5505-SEC-PL.

2. You can just purchase the ASA5500-SSL-25.

There is no advantage of purchasing one bundle over another (price or feature).

Hope it helps.

New Member

Re: ASA5505 Licences - Security Plus licence and SSL licence


Thanks for the reply.

Thats what I thought.


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