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ASA5505 needs reboot almost every two!


I have an ASA5505 running IOS 7.2(3) and ASDM 5.2(3). About every 2 pr 3 weeks I have to reboot the ASA because it looses Internet connectivity. Once I reboot the ASA the Internet comes back. What could be causing that and how do I fix that? Any suggestions or help would be great!


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Re: ASA5505 needs reboot almost every two!


Have you checked in the log for any errors? Also, I assume that your ASA isn't plugged directly into an ethernet based internet connection. Are there any errors or interface issues on the router that the ASA plugs into?

If there are cable errors on the router to the wan interface it is probably an issue for the telco to look.

Otherwise have you ruled out the router as being the issue by plugging a device directly into that and checked if the same issue occurs?

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Re: ASA5505 needs reboot almost every two!

The ASA is directly connected to a cable modem. The logs do not show any errors.The Internet just drops. Once I reboot the ASA I can connect back to the Internet. Any suggestions where I can look?

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Re: ASA5505 needs reboot almost every two!

Since you are plugged into the cable modem I assume you are using dhcp to pull an ip address on your untrusted interface. If so, when you reboot are you getting a different IP address than you previously had?

If you have a static ip address from your cable provider i would examine the logs on the ASA. Before rebooting you should check the interface and see if it is currently in a down state and/or showing a lot of errors, or even try renewing the dhcp lease (if you are using dhcp) by going to into global config and issuing:

ip address outside dhcp [setroute] (use setroute if this will be your default route to the internet)

Re: ASA5505 needs reboot almost every two!

Sounds to me like a bug with the connection table or a maybe a interface duplex issue.

This happends when sessions are not cleared in a correct timely manner and the state table is getting full. So no new connections are possible any more.

Check also in the output of a < show interface > if you see any error on the interface. If you have a duplex issue communications can get very slow or even stop working.

Type a < show conn > in the command line.

Have you considered to upgarding the ASA Firewall.

Contact the Cisco TAC and ask them for assistance to debug that problem.

They will need a output to a file from command line : < show tech >

Ressources :

Establish and Troubleshoot Connectivity through the Cisco Security Appliance :



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