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ASA5510 8.4 NAT Routing

After the Upgrade I have some trouble to setup my needed configuration.

I have 2 active Interfaces:



I want that the hosts inside the private LAN can reach the Internet and I'm using ASDM for configuration.

Firstly I have created a Network Object "InsideNet"

As next I have try to configre a NAT Rule and try all NAT Types using my Network Object as Source but no one was the right one.

Can someone tell me what NAT Rule I need to define for my simple requirement?

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ASA5510 8.4 NAT Routing

object network Private_Net


nat  (private, public)  dynamic interface

the above config will nat all the private hosts to the public interface

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ASA5510 8.4 NAT Routing

Thank you, this has really helped but I had must set:

nat (private,public) source dynamic any interface

But it opened a new problem:

This Cisco ASA I only use for NAT Routing and VPN Access to the private Net it's connected to 2 VLAN's (private net, public net) over 2 of it's Interfaces on a managed Switch only (means it don't sit between Router and Switch, as I don't wan't push Internet traffic trough it).

After I connected with AnyConnect I was not able to reach any other Host Inside net, I have try to change my VPN IP Pool from to which don't helped any.

Do you have some idea how I can solve that?


ASA5510 8.4 NAT Routing

"Thank you, this has really helped but I had must set:

nat (private,public) source dynamic any interface"

Are you using an access-list to define your private hosts? Can you send your config and also the network diagram.

for the remote access VPN to work you have to exempt (NAT exempt) few ips from the private network and use them for VPN clients.- modify the ip address pool in your VPN config to

object network obj-vpnpool


nat (inside,outside) source static any any destination static obj-vpnpool obj-vpnpool

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