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ASA5510 Cluster Question ( Hardware Compatibility )

Hi all,

I'm going to setup an active/standbye cluster using ASA 5510's, but i've a problem so one of the ASA's hardware model is ASA5510-K8 while the other one's just ASA5510.

Actually they are same as hardware but only difference is K8 according to the show version output ( i think K8 might be related to DES/3DES law rights between countries by shipping,export etc. )

And unfortunately Cisco docs say that both hardware must the same.

May i get your opinions and experiences pls ? Is it possible to build a cluster architecture between 2 ASA5510's features i've explained in above ?

Thanks in advance.


Re: ASA5510 Cluster Question ( Hardware Compatibility )

The ASA5510 is available in three flavours: ASA5510-K8, ASA5510-BUN-K9 and ASA5510-SEC-BUN-K9. All of these flavours support DES/3DES the same way and there is no plain ASA5510. For active/standby failover you will need PLUS licence on one of your ASA's. You have to check if your second ASA has a PLUS licence or not.

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Re: ASA5510 Cluster Question ( Hardware Compatibility )

Both the above mentioned ASAs are same. The difference is just in DES license. So, just make sure that both the ASAs have same license features (i.e upgrade one to 3des) and then we can use them in failover.

Re: ASA5510 Cluster Question ( Hardware Compatibility )

Before clustering just obtain 3DES license.

It's free.

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