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ASA5510, SPD0 solid green and amber lights

When power goes out due to power outage and back on, the 2821 router and the ASA5510 comes back on, however, the ASA5510's SPD int shows solid green light on the left and solid amber to the right,of the port.  In the above state, hosts inside of the firewall can not access the Internet, however, host on the DMZ can access the Internet.  A vpn connection is possible from remote location to the firewall, the user can authenticate, however once the has acces to the network, the servers /resources are not available.  Once the firewall is powered off then back again on again then the SPD0 interface displays two solid green light, everything is back to normal.  VPNs are made and terminated at the ASA5510.

VPNs are made and terminated at the ASA5510.  Any advise to have the SPD0 interface on the ASA5510 to turn up after comes back on after a power outage would be appreciated


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