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ASA5510 Weird Logging Output

I just setup an ASA5510 and it has been working well but noticed today that addresses on the inside network going out are showing the destination IP as the outside interface's ip address. A few days ago I don't think it was doing this and I have tried to reboot it to make sure that didn't fix it. Also previously I was seeing pings in the output but now when I try to ping like, it doesn't show up in the logs. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I'm currently running 8.2.5 and asdm 6.4.5

For instance, all I see in the logs over and over is the following:

6          May 23 2012          15:12:21                    192.168.x.x 61183          x.x.x.x      16114          Built dynamic TCP translation from inside:192.168.x.x/61183 to outside:x.x.x.x/16114


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ASA5510 Weird Logging Output

This looks like an entry for hitting a normal Dynamic NAT translation rule.

Someone on the inside of your network using IP 192.168.x.x is most likely trying to access something on the outside network of your ASA (Internet?). This syslog rule is telling you that the ASA is translating the 192.168.x.x adres to its own outside address. This is most likely a public (Internet routable) IP. This is perfectly normal configuration.

If you're not seeing pings anymore that might be because ICMP inspection is not turned on. I'm not 100% positive if pings show up in the syslog without ICMP inspection.

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