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ASA5550: Connected 100Mbit Switch -> ratelimit drops

ASA 5550 last ASDM/ASA Software.

I am experiencing rather strang errors: I have rate limit drops on port 1/2 of an ASA 5550. This Gigabit port of the ASA is connected to a 100 MBit Port on a 2950. Port on the ASA is configured to 100 full, not packet errors (runts, underruns,crc ..) occur.

5 Min Traffic Load is ~ 1500kbit/sec

When initiating a SAP Session i have less packets on the switch than on the ASA:

(Packettrace on outgoing ASA Interface (gig1/2): 28 Packets)

Wireshark on Span/Monitor on the incoming 2950port : 25 Packets

I noticed rate limit drops on the gig 1/2 interfaces and connection problems inside the SAP Application.

When changing the 2950 for a 4948g and setting port speed to 1000/full the ratelimit drops and the application Errors disappeared and the same packets are captured on ASA gig 1/2 and the switchport (28 packets each).

What can be the cause that the ASA is doing rate limit drops even when the interface load is factors smaller than it should be.

I haven't tested if this also occurs on the "internal Switchports" of the ASA (0/0- 0/3?) as this is no lab environment.

AFAIK no QoS is configured.

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