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asdm 7.3.1 bug ?


I just upgraded ASA to 9.1.3 version and of course I also upgraded ASDM to 7.3.1

The problem is : ASDM 7.3.1 is consuming all CPU and become unresponsive. In java console, I can see a message in loop : [AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR  -  (Poller) Exception while serving client Home Panel Resources.

I tried java6, differents versions of java7, java8 ....always same problem.

I tried on two macs, two PC : same problem

If I downgrade ASDM to 7.2 version (even if it's not supported with ASA 9.3.1), no problem

So I really think there's a problem with ASDM 7.3.1

Here is a screenshot :

Someone has the same issue ? It's very annoying because for the moment I don't have any alternative to manage my ASA (ASDM 7.2.2 not supported with ASA 9.3.1)





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This almost seems like a bug.

This almost seems like a bug.  I would suggest opening a TAC case with Cisco and have them look at it, and eventually create a bug report on it.


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New Member

Did they confirm this as a

Did they confirm this as a bug for you, and if so, tell you when they expected a fix?



New Member

This bug is fixed in asdm-731

This bug is fixed in asdm-731-101.bin

Cisco Employee

Hello; The bug ID is:



The bug ID is: CSCup34688.

ASDM: (Poller) Exception while serving client Home Panel Resources

However is not public. You may need to open a TAC case as suggested to have the engineer to publish you the correct interim release to update the ASDM.

A downgrade to ASDM 7.2 would help as well until the new ASDM version is released.


Mike Rojas



New Member

I confirm this bug is fixed

I confirm this bug is fixed in version but now there's a new bug :

Monitoring of botnet filter (graphs) does not work anymore


Cisco Employee

Hello;Well you are hitting


Well you are hitting this:


Which is still under investigation. As I suggested on the previous post, I would downgrade to 7.2 until there is a stable release.



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