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ASDM_HANDLER problem on multiple context mode


Has any anybody seen this error?

On the firewall multiple context I used to jump from one context to another, but now when I log in to the admin context and I try to jump to another context I receive this error. Could no find any bug on release notes for that.



asdm error

Super Bronze

Hi, I have not personally



I have not personally seen this error before. Though I don't use ASDM that much anyway. We used to have FWSMs in multiple context mode and now have ASAs running multiple context mode and I have never seen this.


Have you checked the situation (as the error message suggests) from the CLI of the ASA to see if there is a lot of ASDM sessions in the "admin" context of the unit?


show asdm sessions


- Jouni

New Member

I've checked the asdm

I've checked the asdm sessions on all the contexts and there were only one open on the admin.


The odd part of this issue is that I can log in via ASDM on each context separately but not from the ADMIN context.


My guess will be on the java, but since I don't have direct access to this box I will have to wait for a maintenance window.

Hi Rodrigo, What is your ASDM

Hi Rodrigo,


What is your ASDM version and Java Version? Also please check for the memory issues with the device.




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