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New Member

ASDM help required

I had a PIX 515E unrestricted with software version 6.3 installed.

I upgraded its memory prior to upgrade to software version 7.x.

I upgraded to v7.07

NOW I lost access to PIX management web server (PDM).

I read that there is no PDM now, but ASDM, fine... I still have access to nothing, whatsoever.

This PIX is not in production (yet), it is being tested, I have a laptop connected to its port 0, which I use to telnet to PIX, tftp upload, etc... (I called that interface "inside")

When accessing my PIX web interface through the laptop I do it by https://A.B.C.D as a result I get the usual security warning and then an alert about the certificate (so far so good), next I get a page saying HTTP - 404 file not found

(...not good)

http is enabled:

http server enable

http A.B.C.D X.X.X.X inside

there's a line stating:

asdm history enable

After this I upgraded software to version 8.02 and afterwards I generated crypto key like this

PIX(config)# crypto key gen rsa modulus 1024

still nothing...

can anyone help?

note: sh flash shows that I have no asdm.bin file around, is it a separate download which I have to tftp to my pix (and if so, please tell me how to "activate" it once there) or is it included in the pix802.bin (or pix707.bin) files and if so how can I put this to work?

I looked "hi and lo" on the web for info. None usefull found... Please help.


Re: ASDM help required

Since you now have OS 8.x on there, you'll need to upgrade your ASDM image file - which is a separate file from the OS. You can download it from the same site you downloaded the OS from.

Once you get it into flash, do a 'sho ver' to make sure your pix sees it.

Re: ASDM help required

Hi, as indicated by srue you need asdm installed. for future reference these are version conbination codes, you will need asdm-602.

version combinations:


7.0 -->5.0

7.1 -->5.1

7.2 -->5.2

8.0 -->6.0



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