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ASDM help?

OK im new to ASA im officially going to training in 4 weeks but would like to get familiar with the unit, we got 2 x 5510 and mars. Now im read everything i think about getting the ASDM up, like go to well i attempt but i get no response can anyone help me here?


Re: ASDM help?

Hello Jason,

Unlike IOS Routers, Device Manager image must be uploaded in your firewall. Then make sure following command is issued

"http server enable"


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Re: ASDM help?

OK so your saying i TFTP it to the device like the following steps?

1) Copy TFTP Flash

2) enter remote ip

3) Source file

4) asdm image flash: (Filename)

Is this right??? or wrong i did this and its not working when i ran the last command i got this "Device Manager image set, but not a valid image file flash:asdm-611.bin"

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Re: ASDM help?

I figured it out, IE had an issue LOL i should of tried telnet 443 first which worked so i tried Firefox worked fine thanks for your help!!!

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