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ASDM hit count


for some reason ASDM hit count showing only for some rules not all.

I'm sure traffic must be hitting the rule, but not reflected on ASDM hitcount and ASA CLI sh access-list command

It's running on ASA 8.0(4) and ASDM 6.1(3).

Is this known bug ?

New Member

Re: ASDM hit count

if sh access-list does not show the hit count then the traffic is not really hitting the ASA. If you strongly think that there is traffic but ASA does not register those hits, I suggest bounce the ASA.

New Member

Re: ASDM hit count

Hi Rajesh,

It could be possible that the access-list that there may be an access-list above the one you are checking which also allows to pass the interesting traffic.

Just to clear out the confusion please try to place the access-list on line 1 and check if the hit counts increase after that or not.

New Member

HiI`m having the same issue


I`m having the same issue (running ASA 9.1(1) and ASDM 7.1(1)52) but I AM SURE traffic is hitting the rule.

I have tested with the ASDM packet tracer and I`m hitting the rule.

On the ASA I can see ("show") it is getting hits "access-list ... (hitcnt=2234)".

But the ASDM hitcount is zero...

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