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ASDM image file

Hello -

I am trying to setup ASDM on a PIX 525. The problem is that there is an old asdm image file in flash that is not combatible with the pix software version(7.2(1)). Also there is not enough room on flash to have 2 asdm image files. So I need to delete the old image file before I can copy a new one into flash.The problem is when I try to delete the old image file it says the that the file or directory does not exist. I am using the following command : delete flash:asdm-511.bin. I receive 2 delete comfirmations before I receive the error msg.

Is there a way to overwrite the old image file with the new one? Or how can I delete the old image file.

Thanks for any suggestions


Re: ASDM image file

i'm assuming you checked with the "show flash" command that this is the correct name of the existing asdm file?

you might just need to reformat your flash.

format flash

then re-upload your main OS and ASDM image files (WITHOUT REBOOTING).

copy your PIX OS image file to a tftp server prior to the reformat.

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