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ASDM issue

Hi everyone,

this is a spookie one:

i have a ..let's say..friend, who says that if he tries to create a new object group using ASDM, instead of the new object-group (let's say GROUP_A) he gets also the GROUP_Areal1, GROUP_Areal2 and GROUP_Areal3, all of them containing some of the objects (not all) from the original GROUP_A group.

He has an 5520 and is using 7.0(6) and also has about at least 50 object-groups created, all togheter with more than 1000 entries.

i tried to reproduce it on a 5520 with 7.2.(3), but i had no problem.

Any ideea?


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Re: ASDM issue

your friend needs to upgrade his code to 7.2(6)

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Re: ASDM issue

My friend is running into the same issue. Can he remove the extra object groups without effecting connectivity?

Re: ASDM issue

That I'm not sure of. An easy way to test is to create a new object-group, put in a few members, then create an access-list rule that refers to the object-group.

Delete the object-group, see if the access-list still has the entries from the members of the object-group.

That's an easy test.

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Re: ASDM issue

Hi every one, and thank you for your replies.

In fact i found a bug describing the problem.

it is CSCsg80786.

They say the workaround is:

"Delete the additional copies of the object groups created automatically by ASDM"

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Re: ASDM issue

My situation is slightly different. These objects where created by PDM, I just do not have enough flash to load ASDM on the box. If you know of any issues with removing the extra object groups through cli, I appreciate a warning.

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