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ASDM login crashed

Hi, I used to access ASDM with a username and password but i screwed up something and i think i erased it.

Could anyone tell me how to add a new one?

Here is my config file.


Re: ASDM login crashed

Ensure that indeed you do not have asdm, issues show asdm image or dir and see if there is asdm image in disk0 present if not then download asdm from cisco, from your running code version 7.2.x you need asdm-523.bin. Download the fiile and setup a tftp server, copy image to asa.


ciscoasa#copy tftp disk0:

Address or name of remote host []? tftp_ip_address

Source filename []? asdm-523.bin

Destination filename [asdm-523.bin]? asdm-523.bin

then add this statement in your config.

ciscoasa(config)#asdm image disk0:/asdm-523.bin

You should be all set after..



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Community Member

Re: ASDM login crashed

Sorry, I have the desktop icon on my computer and i've been using it for months, i just need to create a new username and passwd to log into it (maybe through the CLI?).

Community Member

Re: ASDM login crashed

Hi, I solved the issue. The way i did it was:

1) ASA(config)# username user1 password user1 priviledge 15

2) ASA(config)#username user1 attributes

3) ASA(config-username):vpn-group-policy vpnpolicy

4) ASA(config)# exit

5) ASA# wr

Then I double-clicked the ASDM icon, and i entered user1 and password that i previously configured and got it.

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