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ASDM Question


This should be an easy question.

In PDM there was a function were you could assing a name to a subnet/Network.

Can this be done in ASDM, I am probably doing something stupid.

Under the firewall configuration Tab I have an address bar on the right. I can add hosts and assign names or add network objects but I cannot name a subnet?

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Re: ASDM Question

Hi Mark

Thanks for the reply, dont think this is what I am looking for.

If I have a subnet of I just want to assign a name of "London"

It was straight forward on PIX using PDM, just cant find it on ASDM

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Re: ASDM Question

I'm using ASDM v6

I selected Configuration-->Firewall-->Access Rules

Then, there is a pane on the right-hand-side of the screen that says "Addresses" and you can press the "+Add" button and add network object groups. I tried your example and ASDM generated the following config code:

object-group network London

description London


Is that what you mean?

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Re: ASDM Question

And then in ASDM v5.22, the following steps seem to do the same thing...

Select: Configuration-->Global Objects-->Network Object Groups

Then press the "+Add" button and you can add London and select the "new network" radio button. Seems to work and generates the exact same code in my previous reply

Hopefully that is what you meant

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Re: ASDM Question


In pix device manager however you could name a network just like a name on a host.

The only way to do it in ASA seems to be as you describe.

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