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AT&T DSL & Cisco ASA 5505 Problems

Okay I have been working with a 5505 for two days and finally got it configured and working on an AT&T DSL Modem then when I took the 5505 to the clients office and connected/configured it to their AT&T DSL with their IPs the whole thing quite working. I noticed walk through the Tech discussions that there are lots of problems with AT&T DSL deployments and I also discovered that one working configuration was attached to a DSL in AT&Ts standard deployment as a DHCP router using dynamic IPs while the second is in bridge mode using static IPs.

So here's the question why won't the DSL Modem in bridge mode not work as a typical Internet connection like a Cable Modem? I have a Cisco Wireless VPN 4400 to it in bridge mode using static IPs and it works great and on the 4400 there are no special PPPoe settings that have to be set just standard IPs, DNSs, Gateways, Masks...

I see in the Cisco Tech Notes that it is recommended/mandatory to configure Vpdn groups and the Vlan2 to take into account the PPPoe configuration of the AT&T DSL Modem but if the DSL modem is already set in bridge mode and is handling the PPPoe authentication why does the 5505 have do it again this see,s redundant. Will try to use the example configuration additions above and post here with the results.

BTW the configuration with the DSL set as DHCP Router works without any special PPPoe configs.

Very puzzling this DSL configuration conundrum... Last point for businesses if you can use Cable or nonDSL ISP you should do so this AT&T stuff is for the birds... Angry Birds...

Thanks for the assistance in advance!!!

If static ip address:


vpdn group INTERNET request dialout pppoe

vpdn group INTERNET ppp authentication {chap|mschap|pap}

vpdn group INTERNET localname setroute

pppoe client vpdn group INTERNET


mtu outside 1492


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