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Bandwidth Check on PIX

Hi all,

Newbie here, so be gentle...

I've got a PIX v7.2(3).

This is connected to a LES 100 connection uncontended(UK), this has been capped to 20Meg. So far, so good...

Thing is, I'm sure the speeds we're getting are definitely not 20Meg.

I've ran loads of web based speed checks, these come back with 6meg, sometimes I get 2meg, other times it's 11meg.

I'm sure i read somewhere you can enter a command into the PIX to get an accurate figure as to what the PIX is getting in terms of bandwidth.

With this, I can then approach the ISP to look into if needs be.

Can anyone help with the command I need to run?

Many thanks...

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Re: Bandwidth Check on PIX


You will need to enable SNMP and use a piece of free software such as MRTG to see what's happening on your PIX interface.

Give it a day or so while you're heavily loading the link and then you should be to extract some useful data.

Remember that although the link is capped @ 20M but this is between your CPE and the ISP's edge device (probably a switch in this case) but this doesn't mean that they will secure an uncontended 20M on their uplink ;-).

Run the tests, save some graphs and if you still believe that you should get more then send them to your ISP and let them investigate.



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Re: Bandwidth Check on PIX

Thanks for getting back to me.

I'm just downloading the free MRTG app right now.

As for the SNMP stuff, how and what do I need to configure on the PIX to get it working?

Is there a standard small config i can enter, can you possibly post it here?

Thanks for helping.


Re: Bandwidth Check on PIX

PRTG is good too.. easier interface than mrtg.

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