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Bandwith Monitoring on external interface

I wounder if there is any easy way one could monitor the bandwith on the external interface in regards to what ip is using what amount.

This is for tracking who is using up the bandwith at a small ISP link when the link fills up.

yes I know of fireplotter but I do not want to have a program that logs in to the machine with admin rights.


Re: Bandwith Monitoring on external interface

Hello Torbjone,

I can suggest Manage Engine Firewall Analyzer, its a pretty useful software. I think it does not need to be logged in with admin rights etc, it runs on IIS.

Your second option is, if you have adequate model of Cisco Firewall and memory, you can upgrade your IOS to 8.x and ASDM to 6.x, which has a built-in option of monitoring top 10 services that includes the bandwidth utilization.



Re: Bandwith Monitoring on external interface


thanks for your answer.

I can figure out the services, however what I want to know is the top talkers.

is that possible with version 8 ?

Community Member

Re: Bandwith Monitoring on external interface

The best solution to this problem is to use Fireplotter Software (around $400 US). It shows and plots all connections going thru the ASA and you can sort via TOP talkers/protocols/bandwidth/etc.. Cisco should really buy this product and merge it into the ASDM.

Re: Bandwith Monitoring on external interface

Yes, Firewall Dashboard has "Top Sources" and "Top Destination" tabs. You wont get much details though.

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