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Basic 501 Pix Setup

Bought a 501 pix for business and cant even get it to connect to the internet from my basic setup at home with a cable modem. I've never used cisco products, but thought the 501 would be a fairly easy one to setup. As i mentioned, i've tried unsuccessfuly to set this thing up at my house with the most basic cable modem setup. Do cisco products require some sort of activation beyond the license from purchase (i bought the unlimited license). This thing is driving me crazy. Not sure what i could be missing, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Im really starting to think the unit (which was bought new)is bad.


Re: Basic 501 Pix Setup

Hi Jeff,

With cable modem you probably get dynamic IP address from the ISP provider, you need to configure couple of things in the firewall.

First , are you connecting the outside interface of pix stright to cablemodem ethernet port , any other outers in bewteen like a liksys , either or you still need configure the pix with these few lines, make sure your outside interface speed transmission is set to auto detect.

conect to pix either via console of tenlet.


cofig t

ip address outside dhcp retry 10

global (outside) 1 interface

nat (inside) 1 0 0

once you have enter this configuration

do "show interface" to see if outside interface has obtained dynanic IP address write down the ip address, if you are successfull then you need to place a defaul

route in pix .


route outside x.x.x.x 1

where x is the outside interface IP address.

if you get this far you still need to implement few access list to get outbound traffic, but 1st try the above configuration to see if you get dynamic public ip for outside interface.



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Re: Basic 501 Pix Setup

Thanks Jorge. I'll never use the pdm again. A litte reading, and programming with the console (which was easier than i thought) turned out to do the trick.


Re: Basic 501 Pix Setup

Jeff, we are glad you resolve the issue.

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