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Basic Firewall using CCP on 861 router

After configuring a Basic firewall using Cisco's configuration professional internal hosts are unable to access the internet. Host ipconfig info displays dns servers addresses and domain name; however web browser will not bring up web pages. This is a new 861 router


Re: Basic Firewall using CCP on 861 router

Verify the initial configuration performed with Cisco CP Express

Step 1 Ensure that the IP address of the PC is on the same subnet as the router LAN interface. The steps to follow depend on whether the PC must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically, or whether it must be configured with a static IP address.

Step 2 Open a web browser and enter the new IP address that you gave the router LAN interface

Step 3 Enter the username and password that you specified for the router when you completed the Cisco CP Express wizard.

Step 4 Test the Internet (WAN) connection that you configured by opening another web browser window and connecting to a website. If you can connect to a website, such as, your WAN connection works properly. If you cannot, you can use Cisco CP Express or Cisco CP to correct your WAN settings

Step 5 Go to install Cisco CP

To install Cisco CP on a PC so that you can use it to manage routers click below link.

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