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Can't get a connection between tftp and pix


Our company has an old PIX 515 sitting around. The OS was 4.x and I upgraded to 6.35 fine. I am able to connect from the PIX to the TFTP through monitor mode fine....

It's when I try and upgrade from 6.35 to 7 I have the problem. After you install the OS you have to 'copy TFTP flash' over to the PIX flash because the OS is just running on RAM. This is where I can't get a working connection. I can not ping/connect to my TFTP server!

I have checked everything many times. There is a IP assigned to the interface, a name, a security number, a static route. There is a physical connection but that is all, no ping or transfers.

I have tried both interfaces, changing the speeds & duplex's on both the PIX and TFTP (the TFTP will only pick up auto), cables and computers the TFTP is on. I know it's probably something very simple but I keep missing it. Any ideas??? Also keep in mind monitor mode works fine. The PIX is directly connected to the PC. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Can't get a connection between tftp and pix


My understanding is, on Pix 515, the only method you can upgrade from Pix 6.x to 7.x is monitor. Please refer the upgrade procedure section in the below URL for details:



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Re: Can't get a connection between tftp and pix

Correct, except it's a two step procedure. First you go into monitor mode and TFTP the image over through monitor mode... That works.

I have the image running.

The problem is once the image is running, I need to TFTP the image again, through the OS and save it into flash. This is where I am having a problem.


Re: Can't get a connection between tftp and pix

do this:

1- format flash:

2- copy tftp flash:

that will work. It will NOT work without

"format flash:" because the flash probably

contains "upgrade.bin" which the the old 6.3


New Member

Re: Can't get a connection between tftp and pix

Thanks for your replies, but I believe I didn't word my question properly.

This is a connectivity issue with regards to OS upgrading.

I am able to connect to my TFTP server in monitor mode ONLY

It's after the new image is installed on the PIX, that I can not connect to my TFTP server.


Re: Can't get a connection between tftp and pix

Were you able to solve this problem? If not, can you reach the ip of the firewall interface that is connected to the PC, from the PC?

If not, start at the bottom with the cable, verify connectivity lights, make sure there aren't any ACL's applied to the interface that would block connections, be sure the route is for the correct interface, etc.

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