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Can the Cisco ASA 5500 or UC520 act as a router?

I need some information on the Cisco ASA 5500 series and UC520. It seems pretty confusing reading thru all the articles on Cisco's site and just doing Google searches. From what I gather, the base model doesn't come with IPS or anti-x features. If you want IPS, you can add the AIP-SSM module and if you want anti-x you'd have to get the Content security bundle (CSC-SSM). Let me know if I'm missing anything.

1. Can the ASA or the PIX act as a router? (i.e. if I was to connect to my ISP via ethernet.... NO DSL or cable, just straight ethernet).

2. Can the Cisco UC520 act as a router?

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Re: Can the Cisco ASA 5500 or UC520 act as a router?


For aipssm or csc ssm u can use one at a time on the ASA but cannot run both modules together.

The pix cannot be used as a router however u can make it work in the routed mode without nat but specific access lists would be required for passing traffic through it .

But Dsl or any other type of connection cannot be terminated on the pix but to a modem or router


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Re: Can the Cisco ASA 5500 or UC520 act as a router?

How about my 2nd question about the UC520?

Also, the reason I was asking about the ASA acting as a router is because I may want to deploy one at a customer site where there's an Ethernet drop and it would be nice if I don't have to buy a router too. I think from what you're saying that I don't need a router if it's just an Ethernet drop. I do understand about the DSL modem.

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