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Cannot Access ASDM

We have a new ASA 5505. We could get into the ASDM as long as we used the defaults; however, we have now got the box working using Vlan1, inside, security level 100, address because our inside network is

We have Vlan2, outside, security level 0,address with switchport access vlan2

How do we change the default http inside to be happy with our network so we can use ASDM? Thanks very much for any suggestions. We are, of course, new to Cisco command line language.

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Re: Cannot Access ASDM

Hi, if your inside subnet is you can do it in couple of ways.

allow any subnet host on the inside or specific subnet


first remove the old http as

no http inside

no telnet inside

then add new

http inside

telnet inside

or like this for any subnet inside

http inside

telnet inside

[edit] or permit admin by specific host,

http 192.168.0.x inside

telnet 192.168.0.x inside

where x is actual host IP.

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Re: Cannot Access ASDM

Thanks! We will give it a try later today.

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Re: Cannot Access ASDM

Yippee! It worked! Thanks for your valuable help.


Re: Cannot Access ASDM

Glad is all set , also as a rule every change on devices save the configuration with " write mem "

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