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Cisco 1841 and Cisco ASA units and true dmz support


I am hoping someone can help with these couple of questions. If I had an 1841 with a dsl card in connecting to the internet say with a public IP of /29 and I wanted to have a DMZ for a server that requires and address of /29 with no pat or nat transalation. Is this possible on the 1841 by using the FE0/1 interface. When I try to set this up it does however say that I have an address that overlaps with Dialer0.

The ASA comes into this in that I was thinking if not possible with 1841 could it be put into transparent mode and this scenario done on the DMZ. After looking at the docs on the ASA it does not look possible as transparent only supports and in and out and that is all.

Surely it must be possible to have a true DMZ either on the 1841 or the ASA as I can acheive this nor problem at all on a Sonicwall and it seems like a basic enough request.

Any help would be fantastic



Re: Cisco 1841 and Cisco ASA units and true dmz support

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Re: Cisco 1841 and Cisco ASA units and true dmz support

I've never tried it but try to configure the FE0/1 interface with and the Dialer0 with the 'ip unnumbered FE0/1'

Let me know if this is possible. Just an fyi, ip unnumbered is not supported on multiaccess interfaces so you can't configured it on the FE0/1 for the Dialer0 ip address.

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