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New Member

Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )


I would like upgrade my ASA 5505 with ASDM 5.2(2) & ASA 7.2(2)

I made the upload of the last file asdm-602.bin and asa802-k8.bin

For the asdm, it seems to made the upgrade via Properties/Device Administration / boot image config and choose the last version before reboot.

But for the ASA file, which is the procedure ? It is necessary to upgrade ASA before ASDM ?

thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )

It is recommend to upgrade the ASA image, then the ASDM image. The reason for this is because the ASDM depends on the version of ASA image you are running. For example, if you install ASA version 8.0, and are using ASDM 5.2(2), the ASA at re-boot will disable ASDM since the ASDM version loaded will not support the new commands and features on ASA version 8.0. (You will see ASDM disabled on the "show ver" output of the ASA CLI)

Also, you will need to tell the ASA to load the new version of ASDM using the "asdm image disk0:/" command, and reboot the ASA.

I hope this helps.

New Member

Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )

Thank you for this information about the ASDM.

I would like to know also the procedure to upgrade the ASA software. Is it a document to describe the upgrade ( I must use ASA CLI or via ASDM ), which is the command ?

I suppose the previous configuration is maintained ?

thank you

New Member

Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )


The procedure to upgrade the ASA software is just like any other router.

I usually connect the ASA to my laptop which is running a TFTP server and then I just do the old "copy tftp flash".

Of course, if this is a live service and you don't have easy access to the ASA just install a TFTP server on a machine which the ASA can access.

Don't forget to set the "boot image flash:" correctly.


New Member

Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )

I have a ASA with asa702-k8.bin IOS on it and currently I dont see ASDM image on it.

ASA# sh flash

-#- --length-- -----date/time------ path

8 9824 Feb 13 2007 10:50:42 startup-config

9 5474304 Feb 27 2007 17:46:24 asa706-k8.bin

10 5124096 Feb 27 2007 19:53:26 asa702-k8.bin

52232192 bytes available (10649600 bytes used)

ASA# sh boot

BOOT variable = disk0:/asa702-k8.bin

Current BOOT variable = disk0:/asa702-k8.bin

CONFIG_FILE variable =

Current CONFIG_FILE variable =

I am planning to install ASDM asdm505.bin on the current version of ASA 7.0(2). After I upload the ASDM image, do I have to reboot the ASA for the ASDM to work? I have this command "asdm image disk0:/asdm-502.bin" in my current config (probably from previous setup). And do I have to any other steps for ADSM running? Please advise


Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )

Hi, I read about problems on the upgrade to version 7.0 to 7.2 before you install 7.1, I have a ASA 5510 with IOS version 7.0 and I want to pass it to version, my question is if this update will give any problem and if he gives it to do?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ASA 5505 upgrade ( ASDM & ASA )


For performing code upgrades on ASA platforms, their is a train of major codes one MUST to follow. For eg:

If you need to go to version 8.2(x) from 7.0(x) then you 1st need to upgrade your firewall (Please upgrade your ASDM code accordingly) to 7.1(x), nad then NEXT to 7.2(x),  NEXT  you can go to 8.0(x), and then finally to 8.2(x). (Please note that 8.1(x) code is only for ASA 5580 platforms).

Here is a link whihc gives an example of upgrade procedure on ASA using CLI abd ASDM