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Cisco ASA 5512 configuration behind ADSL router

Hi Guys,


I am Linto. I am very new here in support community and in ASA configuration. So I appolagize if there any mistake in writing.

Now I have internet connection which is comming from ISP to ADSL router, from the ADSL router I connected to the Cisco ASA 5512. Now I need to do the ASA configuration. I am not familiar with ASA configuration and i didn't do it before also. So if anyone can help me to do this highly appreciating.

Thanks in advance.

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Cisco ASA 5512 configuration behind ADSL router


First off I would suggest that you check the possibility of configuring the ASDL modem as bridge so that it the public IP address from the ISP can be configured directly to the ASAs external facing interface. Whether its staticly configured there or aquired automatically by DHCP.

Have you been given a Static public IP address or is it given through DHCP?

Is it possible to put the ASDL modem in bridged mode?

Those would be the first questins that will determine how your external interface on the ASA needs to be configured.

- Jouni

i have same Question here,

i have same Question here, please can you help me to understand this

i have scenario 

i have static public IP from ISP 

i have ASA 5525 X 

i have ADSL link from ISP 

now i don't understand how to configure ASA to make link to internet.

do i have to configure PPPOE or what ?


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