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Cisco ASA 5515-X Problem

Hi guys,

I'm currently deploying a cisco ASA 5515-X.

The customer has 5520 currently installed and looking to replace it.

However, problem is the web server at the DMZ displays error 500 when accessed from the web and inside.

This is after I've permitted ip any any and Tcp any any from outside.

I'm able to ping the server and it can browse the internet.

I can even do remote desktop from the inside network.

The server is being accessed on https and displays the IIS 7 page when I type in my browser but produces the server 500 error immediately I add

Cisco TAC guys who worked on it have said the problem is with the server since network communication is confirmed.

But it's difficult to convince the client since when they connect the cisco 5520, the server is easily accessible.

I've gone ahead to simulate this in my lab with a web server running IIS 7 and it works.

I'm at a loss as to why this problem persists.



Cisco Employee

Hi,This server on the DMZ ,


This server on the DMZ , is the URL :- accessible from the devices on the same LAN ?

Also , is there is redirection happening when we access the "" URL.

If possible , try to provide the Syslog[Debug levels] at the time when you try to access the server from the Outside interface.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

Community Member

Thanks Vibhor, The same

Thanks Vibhor,


The same experience is being experienced from the lan and internet.

From the LAN, users can access with the private ip address  in the browser.

They can even connect through remote desktop.


I'll appreciate any suggestions to solve this problem.


Cisco Employee

Hi,So , to understand the


So , to understand the issue , you have a DMZ server which is accessible from the Internal Interface on its private IP address ? What about the PC in the same DMZ subnet ?

I think it would be easier if you can provide a topology and what access is not working.

Also , try to give some configuration related to the issue if possible ?

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

Community Member

Hi,I have since resolved the


I have since resolved the problem.

The application has a database which resides on the inside network and unreachable from the web server.

Immediately I resolve the connectivity problem, everything started working.

Thanks for your help.

Hi pmy, My guess would be

Hi pmy,


My guess would be that IIS 500 error would be due to an issue on the server itself, but, the first step I would do as it was mentioned by Vibhor as well would be to check the functionality of the web server from a host in the same lan (dmz).




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