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Cisco ASA 5520 SMB (445) Reset-o during software push

I've been beating my head against the wall with this one.

I have two networks seperated by a cisco ASA 5520.

Net A ----------(outside) [ASA 5520] (inside)--------Net B

MS Server..................|               |...............MS Client

Both networks are part of the same MS Windows 2008 network. All Normal server traffic is working correctly (MS-RPC, Kerberos,LDAP, GC, DNS, SMB etc......)

On Net A I have a MS System Center Machine that remotely installs a client on every workstaton in my domain using SMB port 445. I am contiually getting the Connection Resets on the outside interface Here is a couple of lines:

2010-08-13 15:05:23 Local4.Info Aug 13 2010 14:03:10: %ASA-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection 519790 for outside:SERVER/51839 (SERVER/51839) to inside:CLIENT/445 (CLIENT/445)

2010-08-13 11:39:37 Local4.Info Aug 13 2010 10:37:24: %ASA-6-302014: Teardown TCP connection 487867 for outside:SERVER/56135 to inside:CLIENT/445 duration 0:00:14 bytes 18987 TCP Reset-O

Normal SMB traffic works (i.e I can trafser files manually to the clients for the server). If I unplug the client and plug it into network A, the client installs, so I'l hoping its some kind of timeout/pinhole value for the connections. All my timeouts are default.

Any help would be awsome.

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Re: Cisco ASA 5520 SMB (445) Reset-o during software push

can we get conf plz

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