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Cisco ASA HA - different VPN licenses

We understand that both Units has to be of identical hardware and software, however we are unsure about the licenses between both.

We are running 8.4 version. According to cisco document:

Prerequisites for Active/Standby Failover:

Active/Standby failover has the following prerequisites:

• Both units must be identical security appliances that are connected to each other through a dedicated failover link and, optionally, a Stateful Failover link.

• Both units must have the same software configuration and the proper license.

• Both units must be in the same mode (single or multiple, transparent or routed).

We would like to know what "proper license" means?

Let's say both of my ASA5520 is identical in terms of hardware and software but VPN licenses is different.


ASA1: Anyconnect Essentials VPN (750users)

ASA2: SSL VPN 100 Premium User license

So, my question is. When both units are put in HA mode. Which sets of license do they utilize? OR are they even possible IE make both units in HA mode! without the identical VPN license

Please advise

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Cisco Employee

Cisco ASA HA - different VPN licenses

With AnyConnect Essential license and SSL Premium license, you can turn it on and off, so depending on whether you turn the anyconnect essential license on or not, if it's on, then the AnyConnect Essential will be used, and if you disable it, then the SSL Premium license will be used.

Here is the command for your reference:

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Re: Cisco ASA HA - different VPN licenses

HAI! Jennifer,

Thanks for your clarification.

Plz correct me if im wrong.

So, meaning to say if id like to use the SSL VPN Premium license on both units as HA. I would just need to turn Essential off on my ASA2?


Active ASA: with SSL Premium license

Passive ASA: with Anyconnect Essential.

If my active ASA goes down. The passive ASA(with AC Essential turned off) will take over with SSL Premium License. Is that what u mean?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ASA HA - different VPN licenses

Absolutely correct.

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