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Cisco ASA inbound mail get delayed

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 as the gateway firewall and a internal mail server. Some mails send from some domains were queued in the ASA and delayed for several hours. After I have removed the option of protocol inspection on Security configuration. After that most of the mails were released but still some mails are queued. Can any one suggest a reason for this.

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Re: Cisco ASA inbound mail get delayed

This is a common problem especially with esmtp inspection. Now cisco claims its only the extended commands that they look I have found this to blatantly incorrect through the use of a packet sniffer.

To date with many ASAs installed I have yet to figure out why it always breaks email and TAC is unable to explain why either.

I have a base config i drop into every asa and now I just turn off that inspect cause no one at cisco i have met to date wants to help figure it out so i call it broke and turn it off. Not really a clear answer but its what i have learned after some very frustrating experiences i hope it helps.

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