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Community Member

Cisco ASA5505 and 2 internet sources

I have 2 internet providers. How can set ASA

so on interface 0 I will have provider #1 with interface IP

and on Interface 1 provider #2 with interface IP

Then I'd like to have 5 computers with gateway and another 5 with gateway

Is it possible ?

I know ASA offers just simple failover not load balancing like some cheap routers but I don't want failover just 2 gateways.



Re: Cisco ASA5505 and 2 internet sources

Hi Adam

Im a bit confused here. Would the 5 PCs on the same broadcast domain as internet router, and still pass through ASA ?? Its good to have firewalls do blocking on layer 3 !

Anyways, with regards to your question, you need to have ASA configured on multicontext mode to do effective load balancing.. with normal licenses, its tough to do load sharing, as the scenario you gave... you do can have dual default gateways on ASA, but the exact scenario you gave with 5 PCs pointing to one router, and 5 PCs onto a different router is not possible through ASA.. If you dont need ASA's, you can put the PC's directly on layer 2 with the router...



Community Member

Re: Cisco ASA5505 and 2 internet sources

Currently I have Cisco ASA5505 connected to T1 provider and

simple SMC router/firewall connected to Comcast.


T1 -> port0 ASA5505 -> port 2 LAN switch (ASA port2 IP - 5 computers have this as a gateway.

Comcast-> SMC -> same LAN switch (SMC internal IP - other 5 computers have this as a gateway.

I want to dispose SMC router and have ASA5505 to do the same job.

Hope this will clerify my original question.


Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ASA5505 and 2 internet sources

Or the ASA can run at layer 2, by being in transparent.

Routed mode makes it a L3 hop, and transparent makes it a bridge that firewalls.

I hope it helps.


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