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CISCO PIX 525 Refusing all connections

hi, we have a pix for our internet security, it was working perfectly fine until yesterday something happen and it stop responding it was very slow and then all of sudden it stops responding and refusing ssh telnet connection from inside network. i tried to connect it through router and i did through telnet and today even that is even refused its just say remote host refused the connection.

i can ping the ip of the pix inside but cant telnet or ssh

need help there is only two interfaces inside and outside

i am on inside network and we use to have all access until something happen. 



Cisco Employee

Is it passing traffic at this

Is it passing traffic at this point?

Can you check the blocks? "Show blocks"

The behavior you are describing sounds like an issue with Blocks and/or Processes being stuck. Grab also the show process output. 



New Member

hey the issue was resolved i

hey the issue was resolved i did execute sh xlate and clear other ssh connections and then after that 5 mins i got it back nice and easy

VIP Green

Are you able to use a console

Are you able to use a console cable to connect to it?

If you disconnect the cable from the inside interface and just connect yout PC to it and give the PC an appropriate static IP are you able to successfully connect to it?

What are the status lights showing? (are any of them amber, are all green, etc.)

do the port lights blink indicating that traffic is flowing? are they blinking very fast?

Without access to the device to check the logs, CPU, memory usage, config, etc. it is difficult to tell exactly what has happened.


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