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CISCO sh session vs JUNIPER get session (SESSION ANALYZER)


need to verify on a cisco FW (PIX/ASA/FWSM) the sessions.

Is there available a tool for troubleshooting the output like the Juniper Netscreen freeware tool (NSSA) ?

need to know if for cisco exsist a tool like the following for Juniper FW:

1) download the file NSSA :

2) download a TFTP server on your pc

3) execute on the FW the following command vs your tftp:

set console page 0

get session > tftp /tftp/session.txt

with NSSA I can get:

Analyzing the Session table via Filters:

There are multiple filters and soon to be cross filters made for NSSA. With these filters you can troubleshoot attacks, analyze routes, vlans, vpn traffic, and types of connections.

- Number of Results displayed

Here you can select how many results from each filter are displayed. Selecting nothing will display all results.

- Source IP

This filter will list the top source IP addresses with the most connections.

- Destination IP

Exactly like the Source IP filter, this will list the top Destination IP addresses.

- Source Port

Lists the top source ports used

- Destination Port

Lists the top destination ports used

- Vlans

The Vlan filter will list the top used Vlans

- Routes

The Route filter will list the top used Routes


The VSD filter will list the top used VSDs

- Tunnels

The Tunnel filter will list the top used Tunnels

- Auto Analyze

The Auto Analyze option will do a quick report the Session table. Listing the top 5 of common filters.

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