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Cisco Standby pix515E not working After 1hr.


Am Naga Security Engineer

   We have two PIX515E ( 6.3), one is Primary( Active) and second one is Standby. after configuration of Secondary Firewall as Standby. getting problem.

1. Configuration part everything is fine

2.we have done failover text also .

   Aster Some time , we are not able see Standby Firewall its going down .

Any one Please help us in troubleshooting what are the steps need to follow.

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Cisco Employee

Cisco Standby pix515E not working After 1hr.

HI Naga ,

when you have the problem , what do you see in :

show failover

also do you have logs from the ASA at the the time of the failure .

please explain in details what you mean by "Standby going down"?



Cisco Standby pix515E not working After 1hr.

Hi Naga

The Cisco PIX FAILOVER hardware will reboot on its' own every 1 hour, whe the PRIMARY unit isn't available. This is the default behaviour of a Cisco PIX with SECONDARY license.

Please note that Cisco PIX hardware (come with full license) is twice the price of a Cisco PIX hardware (come with only failover license). A lot of customers out there will buy the Cisco PIX hardware (come with only failover license) instead thinking this is the cheapest way out but Cisco is smarter.

Please refer to and (Page 2 of 28).

Please do rate this rate if it's helpful.

Warm regards, Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam Technical Specialist/Service Delivery Manager – Managed Service Department
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