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Cisco Transparent firewall and cisco switch issues.



I have a very plain scenario

 LAN cisco switch <2 vlans>  ----------> cisco transparent firwall with bvi interface ------------>  crypto box ---------> cisco router ------ <remote/other site>


i have vlan 61 configured on bvi interface of firewall, crypto box and also on the switch port and vlan of 61 is up up .


The issue is i can connect remotely to cisco transparent firewall but cannot ping or connect to cisco switch. ???????????


Need to know some trobuleshooting tips and basic settings that i need to verify. I simply want lan switch with 2 vlans to pass through the cisco transparent firewall and go to other site/remote site.

Cisco Employee

Hi,As you are seeing this


As you are seeing this issue with the ICMP through the ASA device , you can check the following:-

1) ICMP inspection or allowing ACLs on the ASA device.

2) Checking the MAC addresses for the switch on the ASA device.

3) Apply captures to see the traffic is passing through the ASA device or not.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

Community Member

Well,i have put the


i have put the inspection icmp turned on for the sessions , and the version i am using is 9.1 


moreover, i have put u p the ACLs for inbound and outboudn traffic, and while i ping across the firewall from the inside interface towards outside interface PC, i can see packet counts increasing on the acl , during the show access-llist command.


i have requested the client to verify his part. do let me know further tips if you have any.

[ moreover we cannot try to use packet-tracer from cli in transparent mode ]


Cisco Employee

Hi,Still you can use the


Still you can use the Packet captures to track if the traffic is passing through the ASA device.

Check this:-

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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