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Configuration Issue

I am having an issue and I am not sure what is causing it. I have a rule on my ASA that says any-any inside/outbound allow. I have found that some of my connections do not work. I think they do connect but on the return route the ASA is blocking the incomming connection.


Re: Configuration Issue

Hi Mark,

ASA is a statefull device that it knows which traffic is originated form your inside network, and it does not apply any policy/ACL to the response from outside for this connection. Please post your sanitized config and tell in details what you want to achieve (what port where etc) and yuo cant.


Community Member

Re: Configuration Issue

That is what I thought. What I am told is that sometimes a person can connect to an FTP site and then later they can not. I also found a streaming video site that we can not view behind our ASA. I am working on cleaning up the config file to post it.

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