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Configuration Router Cisco ASA 5506x

Hi, i'va a problem, i can't play the "Run ASDM" on the link for the interface to configuration the Cisco's Router. One day ago, it was working but i don't know why, now i have a message when i try to do "javaws asdm.jnlp" or "javaws startup.jnlp" in the command window, the message says "Unable to laucnh the application.".

I have another solution she doesn't work anymore, i try to download again the "asdm.jnlp" and the "startup.jnlp", i find in the URL but i have a unlimited load or a connection fail at the end .. What can i do with the command window to debug this ?

Thanks, Tristan.

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90% of the itme (or more)

90% of the itme (or more) this is a Java issue on the client side.

Please start the Java console prior to trying the launch, copy the output it gives you and post here.

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And how i do that with only

And how i do that with only the commande window please ? I'm just a novice .. sorry.

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I don't think you can launch

I don't think you can launch it fro the cli. It can be controlled in the Java Control Panel tool under advnaced tab - show console.

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Here you can see what it's

Here you can see what it's done for me, the problem of redownload the "asdm.jnlp" ...

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Does the ASA at

Does the ASA at still have the ASDM image on it?

Log into the ASA cli and check for it with "dir". You should see "asdm-761.bin". then confirm it is being specified with "show run asdm"

Also "show run http" to confirm it allows your client machine's subnet to connect.

Do you have any other machine than the Linux one you are using to check for difference between clients?

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