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New Member

connection timeout setting

I am running PIX IOS 6.3 and have a question about connection timeouts.

I am trying to setup Exchange 2003 Active Sync for our Pocket PC users, and we are finding that all of them have a significant delay on all incoming e-mails (usually about 15 minutes). When we place the exchange server outside the pix firewall, they get incoming e-mails within seconds of it being sent (the way it should be).

Based on microsoft KB article:

it says the issue may be related to the firewalls connection time-out setting for HTTP and HTTPS.

How do I determine what the default setting is on IOS 6.3, and also change the value to something higher?

Thanks a lot for your help

New Member

Re: connection timeout setting

You can find the command to change the basic timers here:

The default tcp connection idle timer is 1 hour. Microsoft states that it should be larger than 9 minutes for active sync to work. This is probably not your problem. To eliminate the firewall you should run simultaneous captures on the inside and the outside interfaces of the firewall.

Here is the link to the capture command:

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