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Copy disk0: content to standby ASA

I'm hoping that I'm just missing something obvious....

I've got a pair of ASA 5520s in failover mode (active/standby).  I've install the AnyConnect client on the flash in the Active 5520.  How do I copy the client from disk0: on the acti

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Cisco Employee

Re: Copy disk0: content to standby ASA

Not sure if I misunderstood your question. You can copy the image to the standby using tftp.


New Member

Re: Copy disk0: content to standby ASA

I should clarify the question a little bit...

In my ASA pair, the management interfaces (where they keep track of each other for failover) are connected via a crossover cable.  There is no connectivity except to each other.  It seemed like the right thing to do at the time--no other communication would interfere with the 2 ASA's discussing their state.  So, the passive ASA has all of its interfaces down except for the management interface, which has no connectivity other than to its partner ASA.

I was hoping there was some sort of a "copy from my flash to my partner's flash" command...


Cisco Employee

Re: Copy disk0: content to standby ASA

I see.

Unfortunately you cannot have the primary ASA serve as a tftp or ftp server. But I believe you can sue https. You can get the image from the ASA that has it using url https://ASA_IP/disk0/filename

So you probably can download the image on the secondary using http for that path using

http[s]://[user[:password]@]server[:port][/path]/filename {flash:/ | disk0:/ | disk1:/}[path/]filename

as explained here

I hope it helps.


Cisco Employee

Re: Copy disk0: content to standby ASA

Do you have an external CF card for this ASA? If so you can copy it from the active ASA onto it and move this CF card to the
standby unit and copy it there.




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