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CSC module question


i have a CSC-SSM module , after configuring the ASA to send the traffic to CSC module for scanning , i tried to download a file (its size : 5MB) . i noted that the downloading process started very very slow and after 30 seconds , the file was downloaded very very quickly.This is happened for 3 times from different sites.

we have leased line for the internet 4M.

also i configured the module after the working hours where the internet line was not utilized .

what i need to know is that the normal operation for the module ???

in other words is the module cache the file for scanning and then send it to the destination or not?????

the following is the configuration on the ASA for CSC module :

class-map outside-class

match any

policy-map outside-policy

class outside-class

csc fail-open

service-policy outside-policy interface outside

waiting your replies



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Re: CSC module question


Login to the CSC module's web interface using https://:8443 assuming the module has been setup for usage.

go to >WEB(HTTP)>Scanning>

In this page there is a HEAD: "Large file handling", Under that you can see an option "Enable deferred scanning for large files"

tick mark that option and set the file size to whatever your Internet speed is comfortable with.

the normal functioning of the CSC is to cache the file till it is downloaded and then deliver it when it is found to be safe.

Enabling deferred scanning delivers the file to the browser and the CSC keeps scanning the file on the run, if a virus is found then the session is broken.

This must work for u.

Rate if helpful.


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